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How does process documentation work?

During the Deep Dive, we review all of your current documents, processes, and SOPs. From there we conduct a series of interviews with your team members to fill in the blanks and identify what processes need to be documented.


We’ll prioritize them based on your business’s goals and get to work documenting and organizing them so that they’re visible and simple to understand for your team.

Will you train our team how to use the new software tools?

Absolutely. Throughout our engagement, there will be check-in points which we’ll use to update you on your new processes. There is also more formal training and a review of your systems once they’ve been established.

What if we don’t have Asana?

Asana is simply one of the tools we use to bring teams closer together. This does not exclude companies that are not using it. When it comes to process improvement, we can work within a number of different work management solutions.

Do you offer consulting or team workshops?

Though we prefer to work through an implementation for your team, we can provide one off workshops for your team to improve process adoption and onboarding. Support packages are available for after an engagement has come to an end.

We’re in the ______ industry, can you help us?

Process improvement transcends all industries. Our Deep Dive allows us to ask the right questions to uncover a solution that is custom fit for your business.

Do you offer support after the buildout?

We do! We’ve recognized that systems and processes are always changing. You should be reviewing them as little as four times a year. We work with your team on a monthly basis to help facilitate these changes and to make sure the engine keeps purring along.