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to duplicate or repeat the action or statement of (another person).

About 1 ditto


Put an end to team burnout.


So teams can focus on the work without the stress of not knowing where or how the work is happening.

About 2 mission


Ditto is a management consultant company. We help organizations work smarter and more efficiently with the implementation of systems and processes. We help teams and businesses grow by streamlining standard operating procedures and work management solutions so it’s easier to scale.

Our core offering is centered around business process and growth enablement—providing solutions for process documentation (SOPs), workflow automation, software integration, CRM implementation, and work management platforms like Asana. We tie it all together by helping you to manage and determine which integrations are needed to support your new business processes.

About 3 about

The Ditto Story.

I rarely lose things.


Keys? Nope. Phone? No. Wedding ring? Definitely not. I can say this with confidence because for as long as I can remember I’ve always had a safe place for everything. Come in the house, keys in the bowl, take off my wedding ring, put it on the shelf at the front door…

About 4 story

[wurk ah-bout wurk]

work about work


The activities that take away from meaningful, skilled work

Including, but not limited to, communicating about work, searching for information, switching apps, managing shifting priorities, and chasing the status of work

Say hello to the team.

Staff Marquis-min

Marquis Murray


In nearly 15 years in the industry, one thing that hasn't changed is the rate at which burnout and stress are affecting agency owners & operators. That's why I work with your team to build systems around your everyday processes so that you can finally break the plague of unpredictability in your business.

Staff Chris-min

Chris Wehbe

Business Development Manager

I've worked in manufacturing, industrial automation, contract management, project management, as well as sales & biz dev.

Our mission and purpose fuel me. Working along the team to help our clients has been a source of energy. And here I thought work was supposed to use up energy instead of giving it!

Staff Kate-1

Kate Penney

Executive Assistant

I help business owners and entrepreneurs more efficiently run the backend of their businesses so that they can focus on their business's necessary operations. I’m passionate about helping people increase operational efficiency through the right systems and processes.

Staff Em-min

Em Banks

Social Media Manager

I'm a purpose-driven leader, dedicated to brand growth through social media strategies that put the audience first. Here's a list of some of the things that make me, me! Creative + Visionary Leader, Songwriter + Musician, Coffee + Sneaker Addict, Michael Jordan's #1 Fan, Cat-adverse Cat Owner, and Future Screen Printer.

Staff Dave-min

Dave Malarenko RGD

Creative Director

Board, video, and tabletop game enthusiast, typography nerd, comic book and sci-fi lover, camper, hiker, and traveler. A graphic designer by day, old man by night. Fueled by coffee and big ideas. I've been creating things ever since I was a kid, and kind of fell into design and ended up loving it.

Staff James-min

James McDermott

Advisor + Growth Specialist

Senior marketing and go-to-market leader with 16+ years of global experience in the B2B enterprise software market. Dad to 3 kiddos. Western Grad.

Core values.



Without obligation.



Adherence to a system, protocol, or code.


Meaningful work

Doing and providing work that has a purpose and/or significance.


Helping others

Placing importance on assisting other people

Our partners.

We’ve partnered with some of the top productivity and automation software providers.


Not only because they’re the best tech solutions, but they’re the best backed support teams the SAAS world has to offer.